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A&B’s New Operational Guidelines (Updated Jan 04, 2021)

For the past months, we have all come together to navigate through these challenging times.  With patience and continued creativity, we were able to provide service to our clients and customers even though our physical office and warehouse were closed.  Following the health and safety guidelines from The Province of British Columbia, the A&B Family are happy to announce that we re-opened our doors as of June 1st!  To ensure that all our customers and staff are kept safe, we have implemented NEW operational guidelines that are compliant with the BC Health authority and WorkSafe BC requirements:

  1. General
    • Advisory signs from Health Ministry of BC are posted at all entrances, staff areas, and bathrooms.
    • All staff have proper PPE in place:
      • Office: plexi barriers at desks, gloves, sanitizers, and masks as needed.
      • Delivery Team: sanitizer, gloves, coverall suits, face shields.
      • Staff are trained on how to safely dispose of one-time use PPE (gloves, masks, etc.).
    • All staff are submitting daily self-declarations regarding their health.  Any employees that are showing any symptoms are encouraged to self-monitor and/or self-isolate and to contact their health care provider or Health Link BC.
    • Social distancing regulations are being followed with all employees and guests.
    • Hand-sanitizing stations are placed at all points of customer contact (i.e. loading bays, showroom, etc.).
  2. Sanitation
    • Common Areas and high touch surfaces are scheduled for sanitization regularly through the day (doors, bathrooms, lunchroom, etc.).
    • Trucks are sanitized at the end of each day of use.
    • Rentals are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before being placed back into stock.
  3. Operating Hours:
    • Phone lines are actively open during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm; Saturdays, 8 am- 4 pm).
    • Reduced Warehouse operating hours (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm).
    • All pick-ups and returns must be scheduled with our office in advance during our warehouse operating hours (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm).
  4. Deliveries & Pick-Ups:
    • All deliveries will be contactless.
    • All deliveries will be made curbside/to a loading bay as team members will not enter any homes/businesses (beyond a loading bay).
    • Customers are encouraged to sign the rental contract electronically prior to their order being delivered.
  5. Customer Pick-Ups:
    • Showroom/Warehouse (including bathrooms) are currently closed to the public and to customers. We encourage customers to place their orders over the phone or request a quote through our website.
    • Customers are encouraged to sign the rental contract electronically prior to picking up their order.
    • Customers are required to wear a mask when pick-up their order.
    • Customers are required to load/unload the rentals into/out of their own vehicle.
  6. Returns:
    • Customers are required to wear a mask when returning their order.
    • Customers are asked to rinse tableware (dishes, cutlery, glassware, serving platters/trays/utensils) prior to return/pick-up.
  7. Guests and Contractors:
    • All guests are required to wear a mask and complete self declaration forms if they enter the building. Signs are posted at all points of entry.
    • Hand-sanitizing stations are placed at all points of customer contact (i.e. loading bays, showroom, etc.).
    • Social distancing regulations are being followed with all employees and guests.
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A&B Statement in Response to COVID-19

A&B Statement in Response to COVID-19
(updated April 30, 2020)

Our Updated Response and Actions regarding COVID-19 (updated April 30, 2020)

As we navigate through this time as a family, a company, and a community, it is our highest priority to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Considering recent developments with COVID-19 and with the further direction from the Canadian government and public health authorities to help flatten the curve, we have decided to extend the closure of our warehouse and showroom until further notice.

We are diligently monitoring the rapid development of the situation with hopes to re-open on Monday, June 1st.

In the interim, we are still available to help you with any future reservations and questions or concerns that you may have regarding your rental needs.  Some of our team members will be working from home and will be available via email and phone.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to organizing rentals with you for your future events!

Warmest regards,

The A&B Family

Our Response and Actions regarding COVID-19 (published March 17, 2020)

Our highest priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Considering recent developments with COVID-19, A & B is taking the necessary steps in keeping our employees, customers, and communities safe. With this in mind, we have decided to close our warehouse and showroom as of the end of day Tuesday, March 17th.

Employees will continue to receive full pay and benefits for all scheduled shifts for this time period.

We are diligently monitoring the rapid development of the situation with hopes to re-open on Thursday, April 2nd.  We will be sure to keep our customers informed of any decisions made which will be based on the recommendation of the Canadian government and public health authorities.

In the interim, we are still available to help you with any future reservations and questions or concerns that you may have regarding your rental needs: some of our team members will be working from home and will be available via email and phone.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to organizing rentals with you for your future events.

Warmest regards,

Dan Sebal

A & B Partytime Rentals

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Public Health Update Regarding COVID-19

Public Health Update Regarding COVID-19

(as of March 13, 2020)

At A & B, it is our top priority to ensure the health, safety, and security of our employees and clients during this time. We would like to take this opportunity to provide a public health update regarding COVID-19.  Rest assured that we have taken the following steps in ensuring that each department and individual are informed and educated to navigate with not only their personal health but also our valued clients.

  • All team members have been educated of proper hand hygiene respiratory etiquette to reduce the risk of infection and spreading infection to others.
    • We have re-educated employees regarding proper hand-washing procedures as per the Public Health Agency of Canada;
    • We have provided hand sanitizing supplies such as alcoholic gels and Lysol wipes at every front-facing client station in the office, warehouse, and trucks
      • Employees are taking the time to disinfect and clean their work stations at frequent and regular intervals throughout the day
      • Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly
    • We have re-educated employees regarding respiratory etiquette to reduce the risk of virus transmission;
  • It has always been our practice that anyone handling rental items (whether or not they are to be checked-in or prepared to go out) are to wear nitrile gloves

We recognize the evolving conditions of the outbreak and we are committed to ensure both of our organizations’ health and safety.

Social distancing

  • All employees that come into contact with customers are to respect safe distances and avoid any handshakes, hugs and contact to avoid transmission.
  • We are keeping clear communication between managers and employees regarding travel and none have visited nor plan to travel to high-risk regions.
  • We have asked that any employees that plan on travelling to consult the Government of Canada’s travel advisories and self-isolate when there is a high risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Employees are being asked to self-monitor and/or self-isolate in case of any symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty of breathing, etc. and to contact their health care provider or Health Link BC to take safe and necessary steps and to inform us.
  • We encourage social responsibility and have support systems in place to ensure that employees feel comfortable

Managers and staff are working together to ensure that we all are informed with the latest developments of COVID-19 through World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, and Health Link BC websites and publications.

We hope that this gives you confidence in the actions that we are taking to ensure that both of our organizations’ health and safety are each other’s priority.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions and/or concerns.

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How To: Choose the Right Linen Size

Need to dress up your table? Cover up those legs? At A&B we offer a variety of linens to meet your decorating needs.

The size of linen will depend on the size of your table and height from the floor you would prefer your linen. You can use this quick guide to find the perfect linen for your table.

Dressing up a custom table from home? All you need is the width (W), length (L), and height (H) of your table to find the best linen for your needs.

Example: Floor length linen

Width of linen = W + (2 x H):  30″ + (2 x 30″) = 90″
Length of linen = L + (2 x H):   72″+ (2 x 30″) = 132″
Total Linen Size: 90″ x 132″

Example: Linen that will fall part way down to the ground

Width of linen = W + H:  30″ + 30″ = 60″
Length of linen = L + H:  72″ + 30″ = 102″
Closest Linen Size: 60″ x 120″

If you’re still unsure about which linen would best suit your needs, you can always give us a call at our office; our sales team would be happy to help!

~ Genevieve Ayukawa

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How To: Calculate Pipe & Drape

Figuring out pipe & drape for your event may be a little daunting. With this tutorial, we hope to make your planning process a little easier!

Here are the parts of a pipe & drape section:

Part Price Measurements Options
A Base $10.90 18”x18”
B Upright $10.90 Extendable from 7’ – 12’

Diameter 2”

Black or Silver
C Crossbar $10.90 Extendable from 6’ – 10’

Diameter 3”

D Drape $6.38 Width: 4’

Height: 8’ or 12’

Black, White, or Navy Blue


*The number of drapes you need depends on how much pleating you’d like.

Specialty Drapes Varies Width: varies

Height: varies

Black velour (4’ width x 12’ height; $17.50)

Barn yard (9’ width x 12’ height; $26.50)

Sheer (9’ width x 12’ height; $26.50)

Silver sequin (9’ width x 12’ height; $26.50)

3’ high black banjo (12’ width x 3’ height; $9.00)

How to calculate how much pipe & drape you need:

  1. Draw out the entire width of coverage that you need for the pipe & drape.
  2. Divide the total width into sections that are 6’ to 10’ in width (because each crossbar can only extend from 6’ to 10’).
  3. Figure out how many drapes you’ll need. The number of drapes that you’ll need will depend on how much pleating or “fullness” you prefer. For reference, we generally recommend 3 panels of drape per 10’ section which will create a slightly pleated look.
  4. Figure out what height you’d like for your drapes – 8’ or 12’.
  5. Now count all the parts that you need to get a total list of all the items you need for your pipe & drape!
    4 x bases
    4 x uprights
    3 x crossbars
    8 x drapes (8’ high, black)
    Example #1: 10’ wide and 12’ height section

    You’ll need:

    • 2 x bases
    • 2 x uprights (black)
    • 1 x crossbar
    • 3 x 12’ drapes (black)
    • Total Rental Cost: $73.64 (before taxes)

    Example #2: 16’ wide and 8’ height section

    You’ll need:

    • 3 x bases
    • 3 x uprights (black)
    • 2 x crossbars
    • 6 x 8’ drapes (black)
    • Total Rental Cost: $125.48 (before taxes)

Of course, if you’re still unsure about determining your pipe & drape needs, you can always give us a call at our office; our sales team will be happy to help. We just need to know (1) the width of each area that you’re looking to cover, (2) the height that you’d like, and (3) the colour of drapes, and we can do the rest!

~ Kim Co

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A & B FAQ’s: Requesting a Quote

A & B gets a lot of quote requests throughout each year.  Our Event Specialist, Angela, will take you through some of the most common customer questions and will offer some tips to make your experience a smooth one.

What is the best way to request a quote?

This really depends on your preference!  You can call our office (604-879-5281), email our general inbox ([email protected]), or submit a quote request through our website.

Keep in mind that we do get a lot of requests.  If your event is within the next five business days, do not submit an online request or send an email.  The fastest way to get a quote or place an order is to call our office and speak with someone directly.

How do I confirm my quote?

You’ll need to call our office to confirm your quote to a reservation.  We require a valid credit card number, expiry date, and CVV code.

What is the difference between a quote and a reservation?

A quote means you just receive pricing on the items and services you are interested in.  All the items you inquired about are subject to availability until you confirm your reservation with a credit card.

A reservation means that the items you need are booked and no one else can reserve them.  Don’t forget: all online submissions and email requests are classified as quotes until you confirm the reservation with our office!

Is your pricing online for a 24-hour period only?

All the pricing listed online is for a 1-to 3-day period.  This means that if your event is on a Wednesday, you can have the rentals from Tuesday to Thursday at the same price.  This is also applicable for weekend rentals from Friday to Monday.

What if I need the rentals for more that 1 day?

We offer weekly and monthly rates for rentals.  If the items are available, you can book an order for an extended period.  The final rate will depend on the length of time for which you need the rentals.

Can I pick-up the order or have it delivered?

If you have a vehicle that can accommodate the rental items, you are welcome to pick up and/or return your order to/from our office Delivery and pick-up services are available during our regular business hours and pricing varies depending on timing and location.

If you are sending an email for a quote or submitting an online quotation request, please indicate if you require a delivery and/or pick-up.  Please include the event address so we can make sure that we quote you the correct pricing.

Do you carry any other inventory aside from other than what’s listed online?

Other than a small selection of disposable resale items like paper napkins and tealights, our entire rental inventory is listed online!  We’re constantly updating our website when new items arrive so check our homepage to see what’s new.  It’s always a good idea to browse through our site to see if we carry what you are looking for before you send an email inquiry.

Do you have any other tips?

The more information you can include in your email or online request, the better!  Providing billing information, event timing, and delivery/pick-up timing and location, will help up put together a comprehensive quote for you.

Once you’ve sent your request in, it may take a few days to hear back depending on the volume of requests that we have received.  We prioritize the requests by event date and will do our best to touch base with you as soon as we can.

If you need to make changes to an existing quote, do not submit a new quote request online since that will just generate a duplicate quote and could lead to errors.  If you are already communicating with one of our Event Specialists, it’s best to email or call them directly.

Occasionally, there may be a technical glitch where we may not have received your request.  If you haven’t heard back in a week, make sure to double-check your junk mail and then follow up with us!

Happy Planning!

~ Angela Cruz

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How To: Request An Online Quote

Did you know you can request an online quote on our website?  Jackie takes you through the process and offers tips along the way!

Browsing the Catalogue

When you first visit our website, you’ll want to browse our extensive catalogue to see all of your options.  Using the easy drop-down menu, you can view all of our inventory categories.  By selecting a sub-category, you will see the available options; for example, selecting “China” will display the seven styles we carry.  Clicking on a style will reveal all of the specific pieces we carry in that particular setting as well as current pricing.  Inventory pieces are priced by the dozen, the pair, the foot, or individually, depending on the item and style.  Keep this in mind when selecting quantities so that you receive an accurate quote.

Remember that some items can be rented by the dozen, the pair, or individually!


Adding to your Cart

Once you’ve decided which items you need, you can add them to your “Quote Cart.”  Select your quantities, click “Add to Quote,” and each item will appear in your card on the right hand side of the page.  If you need to delete or modify your quantities, select “View Quote Cart” to make your changes.

Completing & Submitting you Quote

When you’ve selected all of your required items and are ready to submit the quote, click on “Request Quote” to add your event and contact details.  Please remember that submitting an online quote does not guarantee or confirm a reservation.  When your request is received by our office, we will follow up by phone or email to discuss any issues, missing details, and confirm your payment details.  Because we receive a high volume of online requests, it is important to note that we require a minimum of 3 business days for all bookings.  If your event is happening within this time frame, it’s better to call our office to make sure you get what you need for your event.

All fields marked with an * must be filled out in order to submit the quote.  Please ensure that all of your information is correct before submitting.  The “Additional Information” section is essential to fill out if you need delivery and/or pick-up service.  You can also use the “Other Notes” field to share any other important details; i.e. needing a delivery the day before your event day, specific delivery or pick-up time windows, or even the fact that the event is a surprise party so please do not contact you by phone.

3 business days notice is ideal for placing orders but you can book as early as you want!
Don’t forget to let us know your event date as we contact customers in date priority order.

The last two required fields will let us know if you require delivery, pick-up, both, or neither.  If you do not select an option, your quote will default as a Customer Pick-up and Return.  If you need the order to be delivered and/or picked up by our team, use the drop-down arrows to select your delivery zone and time window for arrival. If you are unsure about which zone you are in, you can scroll down to check which zone your location is in.  Additionally, you can check our “Delivery & Pickup” page for more details about delivery and pick-up options.

After you’ve filled out all of the necessary fields, you have a chance to review a summary of your items including your total cost before taxes.  Click “Send Quote Request” and you will receive a confirmation email that your quote was submitted.  Someone from our office will contact you within 3 business days to finalize the booking.

Happy Planning!

~ Jackie Torres

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How To: Read Your Rental Contract

Checking over your rental contract is an essential part of preparing for a successful event. By taking a few minutes to review your rental contract in advance, you can avoid last minute problems and unnecessary stress closer to your event date. And since we have recently switched over to a new rental system and our rental contracts look quite different, we have decided to create a guide as to how to read your rental contract.

Part A: A&B Contact Information

This is where you can find our contact information. This includes the address of our showroom and warehouse for pickups and returns.

Part B: Customer Information

Your contact information will be here, including billing address, phone number, and event name or description. You should check that this is all correct in case we need to contact you.

Part C: Delivery & Pickup Information

If applicable, this is where you will find information regarding your delivery and pickup. This includes delivery and pickup dates, scheduled time windows, address, and specific delivery instructions. Make sure to check that the date and time window is correct for delivery and pickup. You wouldn’t want us to come a day early for a surprise party or a day late for a wedding!

Part D: Rental Items

This is a complete list of your rental items. It goes without saying that you should check this carefully to make sure nothing was accidentally omitted or added.  This is also where you can see the price breakdown for your rentals, delivery and pick-up, and retail items.

Part E: Contract Status and Number

This is where you can quickly find out whether your contract is a “Reservation,” “Quote,” or “Cancelled.” This is also where you can find your contract number. Pro tip: when calling or emailing us to inquire or revise your order, it is very helpful to have your contract number handy.

Part F: Event Dates and Sales Representative

This is where you can find out when your items are booked out and due back. If your rentals are being delivered, these dates should match the dates in Part C.  The sales representative that last revised your order is also noted here.

Part G: Total Charges

This is where you can find a summary of your total charges.

Part H: Hours of Operation

These are our hours of operation. For pickups and returns, please arrive at least half an hour before closing to avoid the end of day rush.

If you have any questions about your contract, you can always call our office to speak with our sales staff.  Happy ordering!

~ Kim Co

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Event Photos: #PermanentLove & OpenRoad Audi Grand Opening

#PermanentLove Open House Event

Last week, A&B Partytime Rentals was a sponsor of the #PermanentLove Open House event. Held at the historic Permanent venue in downtown Vancouver, over 400 people attended to check out the stunning space. From table designs, decor, food, and much more, the event showcased some of the industry’s very best. View the gallery below for photos, including the A&B rental items that were featured. (Photography: Butter Studios)

OpenRoad Audi Boundary Grand Opening

OpenRoad recently held their Audi Boundary Grand Opening event. A&B Partytime Rentals provided a variety of rental items for the event, including Couple Plates, Black Cocktail Table Spandex Covers, and Evolution Stoneware. (Photography: Kim Bellavance)

Click on photo to scroll:

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What’s New in our Catalogue

event rental

At A&B Partytime Rentals, we are always expanding our event rental inventory. Recent new items in our catalogue include our much-anticipated Harvest Tables, a variety of new linens, and much more. Information and photos below.

Harvest Tables: With a wide wood top, the rectangular harvest style table seats 8-10 people and measures 8″ long x 40″ wide. The table adds rustic charm to any event setting, and pairs perfectly with our Vineyard X-Back Chairs.

Geometric Circle Runners: Fun and bold geometric circle patterned table runner, measuring approximately 14″ wide x 108″ long. Comes in Blush, Platinum, and Black.

New to our specialty tablecloth collection are both the Damask Linens and Elliptical Linens. Both linens come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Stemless Riedel Wine Glass: Stemless Riedel Cab/Merlot wine glass, approximately 21 oz.

Other recent new items in our catalogue include: Plexi Bars, Plexi Podiums, and Bellini Bar Stools.