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Public Health Update Regarding COVID-19

Public Health Update Regarding COVID-19

(as of March 13, 2020)

At A & B, it is our top priority to ensure the health, safety, and security of our employees and clients during this time. We would like to take this opportunity to provide a public health update regarding COVID-19.  Rest assured that we have taken the following steps in ensuring that each department and individual are informed and educated to navigate with not only their personal health but also our valued clients.

  • All team members have been educated of proper hand hygiene respiratory etiquette to reduce the risk of infection and spreading infection to others.
    • We have re-educated employees regarding proper hand-washing procedures as per the Public Health Agency of Canada;
    • We have provided hand sanitizing supplies such as alcoholic gels and Lysol wipes at every front-facing client station in the office, warehouse, and trucks
      • Employees are taking the time to disinfect and clean their work stations at frequent and regular intervals throughout the day
      • Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly
    • We have re-educated employees regarding respiratory etiquette to reduce the risk of virus transmission;
  • It has always been our practice that anyone handling rental items (whether or not they are to be checked-in or prepared to go out) are to wear nitrile gloves

We recognize the evolving conditions of the outbreak and we are committed to ensure both of our organizations’ health and safety.

Social distancing

  • All employees that come into contact with customers are to respect safe distances and avoid any handshakes, hugs and contact to avoid transmission.
  • We are keeping clear communication between managers and employees regarding travel and none have visited nor plan to travel to high-risk regions.
  • We have asked that any employees that plan on travelling to consult the Government of Canada’s travel advisories and self-isolate when there is a high risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Employees are being asked to self-monitor and/or self-isolate in case of any symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty of breathing, etc. and to contact their health care provider or Health Link BC to take safe and necessary steps and to inform us.
  • We encourage social responsibility and have support systems in place to ensure that employees feel comfortable

Managers and staff are working together to ensure that we all are informed with the latest developments of COVID-19 through World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, and Health Link BC websites and publications.

We hope that this gives you confidence in the actions that we are taking to ensure that both of our organizations’ health and safety are each other’s priority.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions and/or concerns.