Event Layout

This service is available for visualizing the layout of your special event. Where tables & chairs are concerned, it is often difficult to calculate space requirements. This service is handy and invaluable. Please inquire with a member of our team to find out more about CAD drawings.

Event Planning Tips

Organizing an event is a big task. Here are a few rules of thumb we use to make it easier.

Party Seating

If you’re not sure whether your guests will be rubbing shoulders or elbows, use this handy table to put them in their place.

Cocktail Parties
(stand-up)5 to 6 sq. ft./person
(some seated)8 sq. ft./person
(using round tables)10 sq. ft./person
(using banquet tables)8 sq. ft./person
Cathedral Seating
(in rows)6 sq. ft./person
Dance Areas
2 to 4 sq. ft./person

Dance Floor Sizing

When it’s time to get groovy, keep the vibes happy and the party moving on the dance floor.

GuestsSuggested Size
509′ x 12′
10012′ x 15′
15015′ x 18′
20018′ x 21′
25021′ x 21′
30024′ x 24′